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Where Do Reports Against Bad Cops Go?


Dear Source:
I would like to know why any cop that has a stack of citizen reports against them pending with Internal Affairs is still out on the street? There have been incidents of a police officer stopping citizens on minor traffic violations then calling a tow truck to pick up the vehicle and taking the vehicles to a location behind Hospital Ground and telling citizens they have to pay to get their vehicles back.
This was reported to the police station by a citizen only to be told don't bother this particular police officer has a stack of citizen reports against her "yeah high" with Internal Affairs yet she is still out on the street every day. In the last couple of months I have heard this happening so far from at least three different people with the same officer. Two of the three were too scared to make a report.
I would like to know how many other people in this community have experienced this happening to them and have paid the officer to get their vehicle back? Since when does a vehicle get picked up for something as simple as a seat belt violation and does the Police Dept. own a vehicle holding lot in the Hospital Ground area? Since when do citizens pay cash for any violation on the streets directly to any cop?
Carol Berry
St. Thomas

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