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Updated Abandoned Vehicle Listing Released


St. Thomas / Water Island Administrator James A. O'Bryan Jr., Chairman of Governor Charles W. Turnbull's Abandoned Vehicle and Beautification Task Force Monday released the latest list of fifty-three abandoned vehicles removed during the month of March, primarily from the Hospital Ground area during a recently completed car removal initiative.
Two hundred and fifty dollar ($250.00) liens have been placed against future vehicle registration or driver's licenses by the last registered owners of these confiscated vehicles at the Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau. Additionally, the government reserves the right to file the necessary documents for the last registered owner to appear before a Superior Court Judge to answer abandoning vehicle charges which carries a minimum fine of $1,000.00. In recent weeks, eight residents received $1,000.00 abandoned vehicle fines from Superior Court Judges and dozens more have been summoned to answer similar complaints.
Administrator O'Bryan urged persons who may have previously sold vehicles to other persons and are uncertain if the transfer process at the Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau was completed, to take their sale and registration documents to the MVB before the vehicle is found abandoned and the last registered owner of the vehicle is held accountable for the confiscated vehicle. "This action will allow the Bureau to make the necessary adjustments in their system in order to hold the right person responsible for abandoning the vehicle," O'Bryan concluded.
Here is the listing of last registered owners .


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