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St. John Must Control Its Own Destiny


Dear Source:
Steve Black is absolutely right.
St. John must have control of identifying its own Island problems and solutions.
I have been at far too many meetings for far too many years where promises have been made to address our problems-NOTHING is ever accomplished for the needs of St. John by those in authority!
There is nothing worse than feeling a sense of hopelessness when there are so many needs-especially when our growth rate is so rapid and infrastructure so weak.
Too many of us feel that way these days on our Island.
Our ongoing parking problem is a perfect example of incompetent leadership and poor problem solving skills.
So many good citizens-many professionals- have invested allot of personal time to organize town meetings to address this one problem.
Logical and practical solutions-as well as numerous signatures of support to address this "our" town problem were offered to the powers that be.
All of it has fallen on "deaf ears" because a few individuals have their own subjective idea on an out-dated parking garage design that will only add to the congestion and chaos at our waterfront.
There is absolutely no common sense to this way of thinking, yet it continues.
Where is the much needed town planner that we were promised years ago by Governor Turnbull?
Who is "runnin' tings" on St. John anyway?
Certainly not its taxpaying citizens.
Only municipal government can cut through this top-heavy bureaucracy so that every Island can actively identify its needs and find immediate solutions so that our communities can find a sense of hope.
Bonny Corbeil
St. John

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