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Carnival Parades 2006 Winners


Here are the parade winners for Carnival 2006
Children's Parade
Troupe under 50
Winner: Blooming Caribbean
First runner up: Fete-tastic
Second runner up: UVI 4-H Program Presents Splendor and Sparkle in th Mix for Carnival 2006
Troupe over 50
Winner: Cancryn "In Session"
Winner: Mardi Gras: V.I. Montessori Style
Winner: St. Thomas Tropical Masqueraders
Winner: St. Thomas Majorette
First runner up: Charming Twirlers Majorettes
Second runner up: Sebastein Majorettes and Marching Road
Adult Parade
Troupe under 50
Winner: Charming Twirlers Moms Having Fun
First runner up: Exotica Fun Troupe
Troupe over 100
Winner: Intrigue Carnival Troupe
First runner up: Gypsy Carnival Troupe Presents "The Glorious Gypsies of Siam"
Floupe under 100
Winner: Birds of Paradise Fly in the Mix for Carnvial 2006
Floupe 100-300
Winner: Razzle Dazzle
Troupe 50-100
Winner: Jesters
First runner up: Mystique & Associates
Second runner up: Jus Action
Mocko Jumbi
Winner: ST. Thomas Mystical Mocko Jumbies
Winner: The Gypsy Carnival Troupe Presents "The Gypsies' Bell House"
Winner: V.I. Paradise Dance Twirlers
First runner up: St. Croix Majorettes
Second runner up: Sebastien Majorettes
Winner: Leo Hobbs
Winner: Tropical Masqueraders
Road March
Winner: "Steelband Coming Up Deh Road" – Wadablee
First runner up: "Super Hero" – Jam Band


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