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Selling Out the People at Any Cost


Dear Source:

After coming back home after 20 years away, I will be voting in my first election in the Virgin Islands. I watched, Listen and learned, and what I am seeing is a very sad situation. The people I see that called themselves democrats prefer selling out our precious homeland for power.
The Avis wrote an article that is supported by facts that is open records. I've read the Source online for a few years to keep up on what is going on in my precious homeland. I am sad to say that the Source prefer to hide the truth for a candidate, than stand for the people of the Virgin Islands.
I commend the Avis for being bold and inform the people of the truth. If any of the candidates have anything to hide, I wish people who call themselves journalist have the guts to publish the truth. Not put down another journalist that have the (you know what) to do what you didn't have the (you know what) to do. For all of you people that is running around talking about boycott, you should ask yourself, "What is really going on in my homeland."
My take on the entire situation is, we need to do what is right for our homeland. I came back home, and do not like the state of my Island, and it tells me that the local democrats have ignored St. Croix long enough.
Derrick Francis
St. Croix

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