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D. Hamilton Jackson Is Donastorg Hero


Nov. 2, 2006 Senator Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg said this week that D. Hamilton Jackson embodied the kind of leadership needed in the Virgin Islands today.
November 1 is the 91st recognition of Liberty Day also known as D. Hamilton Jackson Day or Bull and Bread Day.
"Virgin Islanders have a proud history of standing up for what is right and putting the public good before personal gain," Donastorg said. "D. Hamilton Jackson is someone all of us should try to emulate. Looking at this proud history, I don't understand why those in power in recent years have tended to lean towards selfishness. We deserve better this is not what Virgin Islanders are really about."
Donastorg said that in many ways the Virgin Islands had regressed since the days of Jackson as the Government had allowed a monopoly to control utilities and the media and working people across the Territory to suffer.
"Jackson firmly believed in a freedom of the press now lacking here in the Virgin Islands to some extent," Donastorg said. "He believed in supporting fair wages and working conditions. He took steps and made sacrifices to fight for a better quality of life for all Virgin Islanders."
"If I had to guess I don't think Mr.. Jackson would be pleased with a lot of what is taking place," Donastorg said. "But we can change our course by voting on November 7. The people need to determine the kind of leadership they want in the Virgin Islands. Voting for a serious change is the best way to truly honor Jackson."
Donastorg said that D. Hamilton Jackson's energy and vision represented hope for the future of the Territory.
"He placed the public interest first," Donastorg said. "He demonstrated a great deal of love for the people of the Virgin Islands through his actions and fought successfully for freedom of the press, the passing of the Organic Act of 1936 and advocating for human, worker and civil rights."
Donastorg urged all who could to attend activities today at Grove Place in Frederiksted.
"Let's not make this just an election year rally, but let's truly celebrate the D. Hamilton Jackson both the man and his message. Though I cannot help but wonder what Mr. Jackson would make of issues such as beach access, a lack of transparency, corruption, crime, a biased media and the general decline of our once high standards here in the Virgin Islands. I know that we not only deserve better, but that we are much better than this."

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