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Donastorg Calls on DPNR to Open Fish House


Nov. 2, 2006 Fishermen, who have waited patiently for the rehabilitation of the Frenchtown Fishhouse, must be allowed to immediately begin using the facility.
Fishermen have been told they can not utilize the Gustave Quetel Fish House until work is completed on the dock.
"This is nonsense," Donastorg said. "Let the fishermen at least store their gear at the Fish House in the mean time. This is taking a serious toll on their business."
Donastorg said that the time spent hauling gear could be time spent out on the water earning their livings.
"Why is the Government throwing obstacles in the way of these small business owners?" Donastorg asked. "This facility was meant to improve the fishing industry. Fishermen deserve better. I am calling on DPNR to open the Gustave Quetel Fish House. We don't need a grand opening to begin making this facility work for fishermen."
Donastorg met with St. Thomas Fishermen last month at the Frenchtown Community Center. He extended an invitation to all the island's fishermen in order to hear their concerns and to discuss his plans for improving the industry.
He told fishermen he favors the construction of an additional fish house for northside and east end fishermen.
Donastorg also said that local fishermen face the same problems of other small business owners, such as a lack of affordable health insurance, which must be addressed. He believes stronger land based environmental regulations are necessary to protect the Territory's waters so that the sea was not polluted by run off.
"This Government must do more to enforce environmental laws and to protect our sea and offshore cays," Donastorg said. "We must also work ensure that local fishermen enjoy the same rights as their Puerto Rican counterparts."

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