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Few Details Available on Thursday's Government Vehicle Auction


Nov. 1, 2006 — Looking for a bargain? Then head on over to the local government's motor pool in Sub Base at 10 a.m. Thursday for a year-end auction of surplus cars, vans, boats, heavy equipment, and other parts and accessories.
While the Source would like to provide more details on what's available, a Government House press release on the auction was sent after business hours Tuesday. Since Wednesday is a government holiday, there was no one to answer questions at the motor pool number listed on the press release.
According to the press release, a nonrefundable cash registration fee of $20 will be collected, starting at 9 a.m., from all those who would like to bid.
Deputy Property and Procurement Commissioner Paul G. Walwyn said in the press release that only registered bidders will be allowed to bid.
Winning bidders have three working days to remove winning property from the motor pool. Any property not removed will be crushed. Bidders won't get their money back.
Successful bidders must have the vehicle title transferred from the government to their name.
Walwyn said that there will be other staging areas for the auction. Information will be provided at registration.


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