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Donastorg Lays Down the Gauntlet


Nov. 4, 2006 – Senator Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg has challenged John deJongh to release his tax returns prior to Election Day.
"In just three more days Virgin Islanders will cast their ballots and citizens have a right to know exactly what they are voting for," Donastorg said.
The Virgin Islands is one of the few places under the U.S. Flag that does not mandate that officials release financial records and tax returns. The Federal Government and 47 other U.S. states require officials to disclose information about their financial records. These laws exist in order to ensure that candidates and officials do not have any conflicts of interest.
"I don't understand Mr. deJongh's unwillingness to do this voluntarily," Donastorg said. "It is not about how much money he makes, it is solely about the source of that income. Voters have a right to know the source of the incomes of their candidates."
Donastorg said that transparency starts and ends with the Governor of the Virgin Islands.
"We need to end all the backroom deals and secret contracts," he said. "How can anyone commit to being accountable and transparent as a Governor, when they are neither accountable nor transparent as a candidate?"
The Senator said he was calling on supporters of the deJongh/Francis Team to make their concerns known.
"Many people have asked me why Mr. deJongh will not release his returns," Donastorg said. "Only Mr. deJongh can answer this question, but I think he owes it to all the people that plan to vote for him to come forward and open his financial records to scrutiny. He has three days left to do so and I am certain that the media will gladly publish this information."
Donastorg added that if candidates will not voluntarily disclose financial records that we should consider enacting a law that requires it.
"My research indicates that financial disclosure laws are actually under consideration in the three states that do not require it at this time," he said. "We need to enact laws that make our society as fair and progressive as we can. Virgin Islanders deserve better than having to worry and wonder about the backgrounds and finances of their leaders."


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