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Another Example of Scientific Irresponsibility


Dear Source:
There are entirely too many scientists bandying about the phrase over fishing. Note that the article didn't say anything about the fishery, only that the author felt there was over fishing. Over fishing is a specific state that requires actual knowledge of the resources, the fishing activities and interrelationship between the two. There is no evidence that Dr. Edmunds has any knowledge regarding local fishery resources. Asking a coral biologist to discuss fisheries is like asking a brain surgeon to implant a kidney.
According to these scientists:
1. VI landings have been decreasing continually. In fact, over the past 35 years there has been a consistent increase in landings.
2. Maximum size has been decreasing. In fact, 2006 lobsters contain all of the size classes present in 1971 when I came down here. Yellowtail have 3% of the landings that are larger than yellowtail are supposed to grow and olewife have numerous size classes present.
3. Reproductive capacity is in danger. In fact, local fishermen discard fish that are below reproductive size. 99% of the yellowtail are above reproductive size, 91% of the olewife are. In addition, because there are abundant large individuals of all species, these constitute a pool of "superspawners" that support reproduction.
There is a saying that one should "Think Globally and Act Locally". We suffer from these fools that come down thinking Globally and fail to see what exactly the situation is locally. The STFA is continually fighting the misinformation provided by these scientific tourists and the environmental organizations that propagate this opinion as fact.

David A. Olsen
St. Thomas

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