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An Endorsement for Senator-at-Large


Dear Friend,
I know that by now you have had your fill of election ads, roadside posters, campaigning, mud-slinging and the like. I have had my fill too. But I kindly ask your indulgence in one more endorsement: one for my aunt, Carmen Miranda Wesselhoft.
As you have probably heard by now, Carmen is vying for the Senator-at-Large seat this Tuesday November 7th. And from the looks of it, she stands a great chance. I would like to take this opportunity to ask that you consider giving Carmen your vote to ensure an even greater chance.
Her name may be unfamiliar to some and to many she may appear to be a newcomer, but I have known Carmen all of my life and this is what I would like you to know about her: Carmen is one of the most honest people that I know and is uncompromising as it pertains to her integrity and values. She is a straight shooter – she is not afraid to speak the plain truth, even when it is unpopular. She is, and always has been a natural leader. And she is not afraid to make tough decisions. Most importantly however, Carmen has a deep love for these islands and is unequivocally dedicated to the betterment of them.
We have an opportunity on Tuesday November 7 to vote for a candidate who is committed to improving the quality of life for all Virgin Islanders. Without a doubt, Carmen is that candidate.
This Tuesday November 7, I am urging you to vote for my aunt, Carmen Miranda Wesselhoft, #5 on your ballot, the people's choice for Senator At-Large. Thank you.

Kim Lyons

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