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Henville Pole Appointed to UVI Budget Position


Nov. 7, 2006 – Henville Pole has been appointed executive assistant to the provost/director of budget at the University of the Virgin Islands. In his new position, He will be responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of the operating budgets for the provost's component as well as for the research, development and implementation of financial policies and guidelines for the component. He reports to the provost, Dr. Al-Hassan Musah.
"I am a firm believer in teamwork and principled leadership," Pole says. "These are among the core values that UVI has identified in fulfilling its vision and are imperative in achieving organizational success."
He is a graduate of Hampton University and received a Master's in Business Administration from UVI in 1997. He has spent the past 18 years in the telecommunications industry in the areas of operations and financial management.


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