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Dear Source:
Although a run-off seems likely, congratulations to the DeJongh team on their great election success, and to the voters of the Virgin Islands for both seeing and recognizing a need for real change. And accolades to all the teams for running basically "clean" campaigns.
The national "smear" tactics practised successfully in the last presidential campaign and which the Republican party escalated during this national mid-term election ultimately fell flat as a zinc cupcake. The more the Bush regime bullied, scared and smeared, the less the people appreciated such tactics and resoundly voiced their distaste for not only the methodology but the delivery which made a mockery of the average American's perceived ability to think for themselves.
The DeJongh team and the legislative body certainly can't be expected to move mountains and rebuild Rome in a day. I only hope they'll continue to do their utmost to stay in touch with the people, make inroads in dealing with our education and crime problems, start to wipe the slate clean and make an honest attempt to do away with the graft and corruption which has for so long been a part of this small society and which has ultimately failed both the people and the islands.
A true "American Paradise" which blends the old with the new, local culture along with modern technology and a respect for all who consider the islands their home often seems but a dream but it could happen and I, for one, would welcome it.
The challenges are enormous. But unless you all work together to instill pride in our islands and its population and promote a healthy work ethic amongst all, not much will change. Godspeed and goodspeed to you all.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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