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Don't Give Up on the Goal


Dear Source:
I would like to thank all who ran for public office. You worked long and hard this election season. You took time away from your family and friends to run for office with the hope to make your home a better place. I ask that you do not give up on this goal. Continue to offer your service to the community. The public will acknowledge this commitment when and if you do decide to run for office again.
For those that were selected by the voters for public service, please do not forget those who supported your ideas and the voice that you gave them. The public has granted you right and honor to make decisions for us so please continue to be that voice and make sure to listen to the electorate at every point on the journey. There are so many issues that need to be addressed and corrected. Do not forget to vote if and when there is a run off election November 21.
But remember to go forth and change the world for the better in or out of office!

Jason Budsan
St. Thomas

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