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St. John Has Many Good Things to Offer


Dear Source:
Recently, I responded to articles written on the problems with crime on St John. Where that article did address the fact that there is crime and that we should be doing something about it, what should have been added is that there is so much good going on here on St John but the crime issue sometimes overshadows it.
St John is a beautiful place with beautiful people. There are many activities to be involved in. Children of all ages have plenty to do if they just look for them. It is important to note that there are many hard-working individuals on St John that do things for the community that never really get noticed. The local newspapers are loaded with things to do every week, many on a continuous basis. Some of them are: Arts instruction, dancing lessons for both children and adults and more at the St John School of the Arts; Walking tours and heritage counseling through the National Park and friends of the national Park; Seniors and children can enjoy the many offerings provided through Housing, Parks and Recreation; The American Legion, in addition to veterans services, offers BINGO every Tuesday night at the Bellevue Community Center and flag football for children ages 9 through 14; The St John Pan Dragons offer lessons so that children can become involved with this fun musical activity; You can join the St John Singers or simply attend their wonderful concerts throughout the year; The Historical Society meets each month and offers insight into the culture and history of St John; The Epiphany Theater Company offers fun plays throughout the year and is always looking for new talent or just help with sets; Caraban Theater offeres cultural plays from January through April every year; The Sprauve Library offers childrens activities every week and adults meet for book and garden clubs; The KATS program offers sailing lessons for kids; the AARP has a program that helps seniors know what benefits they may have; There are musical events happening almost every day and night on St John that includes-rock, folk, reggae and even karaoke.
There so many more offerings that they cannot be all listed here but its up to us to find out whats going on and take advantage of all the fun activities that happen everyday. I highly recommend seeking out activities, especially for children. The fun commercial activities are also a sure bet from sailing to fishing to snorkeling and more.
St John sure is a fun place to live and visit and even though we do have some issues with crime, there is far more good going on and we should rejoice in that rather than dwell on the bad. Just observing the beauty around us is reason to rejoice.
Another thing we could do to add to the myriad of activities is by volunteering our time. It doesnt take much, maybe an hour or two of your time each week or each month. Seniors would love to have a companion as they meet at the newly remodeled Housing, Parks and Recreation building in Cruz Bay. The St John community Foundation offers mentoring programs for children. The Animal Care center is always looking for dog walkers. Maybe we could get down to Cruz Bay early on Sunday mornings, and help Brian Smith and the Cub and Boy Scouts clean up the downtown area. Lonnie Willis and friends are working hard to bring back the Girl Scouts to St John. Administrator Harley is always open to suggestions for making St John a better place and would love to hear from you. We all must be involved so that the good will always outweigh the bad.
So, is the bad stuff really THE issue? I hardly think so when there is so much good going on. Lets all rejoice in that.
Paul Devine
St. John

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