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Arawaks Shut Out Devil Rays to Qualify for Championship


Nov. 11, 2006 — The Private School Arawaks held the Ivanna Eudora Kean Devil Rays to no points Friday night, defeating the team 40-0. According to Arawaks coach Francisco Jarvis, the win earned his team the "right to play in the championship game" against rival Charlotte Amalie High School.
Friday's game, held at the Lionel Roberts Stadium on St. Thomas, was a must-win for Kean. The loss has eliminated the team's chances of advancing to the Interscholastic Athletic Association (IAA) St. Thomas-St. John high school tackle football championship.
The win pushed the Arawaks record to 3-1.
The first half Friday was marred by penalties and turnovers, the majority of them going against Kean. The Arawaks started the game with a 65-yard touchdown pass that was brought back because of an illegal block in the back — the team's drive eventually stalled because of this penalty.
Kean's first possession on the field was also scarred by a 45-yard touchdown run, which was also brought back because of an illegal block in the back. On the next play, Kean quarterback Roumell Augustine fumbled the ball, which led to an Arawak recovery on Kean's 38-yard line.
This proved to be the turning point of the game. Two plays later, Arawak quarterback Terence Bonelli gained 10 yards on a quarterback option for a touchdown. The team followed that with a two-point conversation, making the score 8-0 in favor of the Arawaks.
Already hampered by the absence of their first-string running back, Kean had another setback when alternate running back Darren George was injured with 1:58 left in the first quarter.
Kean players failed to regain their momentum after the injury. For the rest of the first half, the Arawaks tallied 24 more points to give them a 32-0 halftime lead.
The Arawaks defense took the momentum from the first half and got an interception on Kean's second play of the opening drive.
Kean's defense, on what seemed to be a second wind, forced the Arawaks to turn over the ball on downs. The offense put a string of plays together that included a six-yard pass to their tight end. But on the next play, Kean's receiver let the ball go through his hands, costing the team a first down and forcing them to punt.
The Arawaks went on to close the game on a 24-yard touchdown pass from Bonelli to the team's wide receiver and kicker Griffin McFarlane, making the game 38-0 in favor of the Arawaks.
The Arawaks subsequently made the two-point conversion, making the game 40-0 and causing the "mercy rule" to be evoked.
"The loss was painful," said Lueben Davis, Kean's assistant coach. "We made many errors and penalties. One player came with no equipment, and our starting running back was not playing because he was away. The running back that was playing tonight was actually the second [string] quarterback. But I'm not making any excuses, and I'm not going to take anything away from the Arawak's victory. Still, my players are going to keep their heads high."
On the opposite side of the field, the Arawaks celebrated their victory.
"It was a great win," Jarvis said. "The team worked hard and put in long hours, and came out victorious. This has earned us the right to play in the championship."
However, he explained that there is a possibility the Arawaks will not be able to play a final game against Charlotte Amalie. Jarvis said that the IAA has mandated that the team participate over the Thanksgiving holidays in the annual Turkey Bowl.
"Many of the players go away for that holiday weekend," he said. "I'm not going to force my team to play — and if it comes down to that, we just won't play."
Jarvis said he made several attempts prior to the start of the season to come up with a solution to the scheduling problem. However, he said that IAA football commissioner Arthur Jamison has not gotten back to him.
"So, right now all we can do is wait and see what the IAA and the commissioner have to say about it," Jarvis said.
During the game, Bonelli went seven for 10 for 101 passing yards and four touchdowns, with nine rushes for 79 yards and one touchdown.
McFarlane led all receivers with three catches for 80 yards and two touchdowns.
Jessie Hodges and Corey Hodge both had a touchdown during Friday's game.
To lead the defense, Michael Venzen, a freshman at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School, had six sacks all in the first half.
"The defensive line all played together tonight," Venzen said. "None of my plays would have happened without the help of my teammates. They all made good plays."


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