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A Happy Day for St. Croix


Dear Source:
In response to Derrick Francis, I must say that I take exception to his comments. Mr. Francis, this government of ours that you criticize, is the same administration that, according to you, "the team that would bring progress to the Virgin Islands", has been with since 1998. How can you accuse people of calling in radio stations and complaining our sad state in St. Croix when you are the one that wants to put back in the government the so called "team of progress"? Remember, the two members of that team already had their chance in government and they blew it. When an elected official has already been in office and had the chance to do something for the VI but only thought of himself and ran for another position halfway in his term, what kind of commitment do you call that to his duties and the people of the Virgin Islands, regardless of the island? Who will guarantee us that he will not do it again? Will he leave the post of governor this time half way to run for president? How can you try to give him a bigger position when he couldn't follow through with a smaller one?
I am looking forward, if it happens, for November 21, because, as you say, it will be the best day of the year when the team that takes everybody into consideration and are motivated for work together for the betterment of all the Virgin Islands will come out victorious. It will be a very happy day indeed, not a sad one.
Cristina Cruz
Kingshill, St. Croix

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