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V.I. Energy Office Rebate Program Extended


Nov. 15, 2006 – The Department of Planning and Natural Resources announced that the Virgin Islands Energy Office would run its 2006 2007 rebate program for a full year. The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Rebate Program and the Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program, which kicked off last month, will run through Sept. 30, 2007. Previously, the programs only ran for part of the year allowing for account reconciliation between active periods.
Both programs are designed to educate the public and offer financial assistance as an incentive to purchase energy efficient and renewable energy products. The rebate offer applies to residents of the U.S.V.I. only and purchases must be made in the V.I. from certified rebate dealers.
The V.I.E.O. invites all V.I. businesses interested in providing energy efficient and renewable energy products and services to contact the office for information on how to become a "VIEO Certified Rebate Dealer," according to a press release from DPNR.
The office is located at No. 45 Mars Hill, Frederiksted or residents can call Leila Muller at 773-1082, extension 2201 for information. Information is also available at www.vienergy.org.


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