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Oh, I'm delirious?


Dear Source:
Mr. Derrick Francis recently wrote a letter on the forum pertaining to politics and partisanship which even upon re-reading numerous times I have had a bit of a hard time understanding. He says that he has read what I wrote and that in his estimation I am "delirious."
Mr. Francis, am I to be declaimed as "delirious" for seriously looking for real change where the politics of the Virgin Islands are concerned? Am I 'delirious" by dint of being simply optimistic in encouraging a vote for an intelligent and business-orientated team who know a lot about fiscal responsibility?
And what's with this nonsense about me living on St Thomas "that gets everything, while your fellow Virgin Islanders on the big Island keep getting left behind." You have a point where that's concerned and I've heard it ad nausea over the years, so why would you be so adamant against change when obviously the status quo has done nothing for STX and actually precious little for STT or STJ over the years.
Has the rampant graft and corruption made YOUR life easier? You just got involved in the election process here? How long have you been here? Born here? None of that is really important. Whatever your status, you've started to pay attention to what's going on in your 'hood and I really hope you'll continue to do so. Cheers!
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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