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DeJongh-Francis Welcome Runoff


Nov. 18 — With the announcement that the deJongh-Francis team topped both opponents with over 17,000 votes in the November 7th General Election, but fell just two votes short of the total needed to avoid a runoff, Democratic candidate John deJongh said that he and running mate Greg Francis welcomed the opportunity to ask Virgin Islands voters to make clear their rejection of the divisive message of their opponents.
With the deJongh Francis vote total exceeding the next closest team's total by almost 8000 votes, the losers' tactics during the past week have reached a level of desperation that is unprecedented in the Virgin Islands.
"The past week has been one of extraordinary ugliness," said Mr. deJongh. "I believe that the vast majority of Virgin Islands voters reject the message of division and discord that my opponents have resorted to in their desperate attempt to gain office. I welcome the opportunity to ask Virgin Islanders on all of our Islands to reject this approach," continued deJongh.
DeJongh and Francis have not stopped campaigning since the Nov. 7th General Election. Their teams have been preparing for one final election this coming Tuesday and they are striving to once again top the ticket and work one day closer to creating a future of opportunity for the Virgin Islands.
"This election has now turned into a referendum on whether we want to live together in a united United States Virgin Islands, or whether we want to live in a place divided by island, by national origin and by race. I believe that the special needs of each island, and most especially the economic and social challenges facing St. Croix, can only be met if we stand together and work together as one territory and one people" stated Mr deJongh, who insisted that "pitting one island against the other, blaming one island for the problems faced on another, or one group of our people for the continuing needs we face, is just wrong.
DeJongh concluded, We had a wonderful victory in the Democratic Primary and another more recently in the General. We have two down and one to go and now it is up to the will of the Virgin Islands people to choose their next governor on Tuesday. These type of campaign tactics are unacceptable, and I feel sure that Virgin Islands voters will send a message that they too, believe it to be wrong and unacceptable. Our people know right from wrong: unity is right and divisiveness is wrong. We can only succeed together. Together We Can! Together We Will!"


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