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St. Croix Voter Turnout Slightly Lower for Tuesday's Runoff


Nov. 21, 2006 — St. Croix voters came out steadily Tuesday for the runoff election between gubernatorial candidates John deJongh and Kenneth Mapp. The atmosphere was laidback at some locations and as festive as ever in others.
Emil Daniel, a deJongh supporter stationed at Frederiksted's St. Gerard's Hall, said the day was "quieter than the general election."
Supporters at Alexander Henderson School did their best to encourage the steady stream of voters to choose their candidate.
Mapp supporter Sylvia Brathwaite said the lack of visible hangers-on was because there were only two candidates. "The poll is moving fast," she said. "You won't see many people hanging around."
Supporters in Grove Place at Eulalie Rivera Elementary School danced and sang along with election-based music in English and Spanish. Although turnout for the runoff was proving to be smaller than the general election, supporters in the area came out in droves, emphasizing the importance of the day to passersby.
The youngest supporters cheered the loudest. At Juanita Gardine Elementary School, 13-year-old Elena Christian student Levicia Henry was happy there was no school, while fellow classmate Akeema Graham said it was important for young Virgin Islanders to choose a candidate and support them. Her choice was Mapp "because the future is now." Graham added that "St. Croix needs our own governor."
The dedication of supporters remained high on Tuesday. Supporters understood the importance of the day and were at the polls early in the morning.
Papito Perez brandished a megaphone and urged motorists to push "No. 1." Perez was at Gardine the night before and said he had not slept, and would not until he heard the election results. Perez said his dedication to deJongh came from a belief that the candidate would be good for the entire territory, including St. Croix.
Adjacent to Perez, supporter Delano King said he hoped many Crucians were not voting for a candidate based on the island of his birth. "It's not about where the candidate comes from," he said, "it's about who can do the best job for the V.I."
Although the voting was steady, the number of voters was slightly lower than the general election.
By 10 a.m., 5,221 votes had been counted — roughly 20 percent of eligible voters. By 3 p.m., turnout had risen to 41 percent, with roughly 10,500 voters.
At the same time during the general election, St. Croix voter turnout was 46 percent.
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