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Dear Source:
The new leadership of John deJongh will be the beginning of a much needed "Team" approach to problem identification and solving-a new style of leadership that has been missing in these Virgin Islands. The old style of leadership-autocratic-where leaders at the top come up with solutions to problems they know little about–sifted through by
whoever is "in charge" simply does not work! In fact, what it does is set into motion lots of personal ego's about who has power and control; who's right; resulting in little getting accomplished except feeding the hopelessness and exasperation of the people who are supposed to be served.
True team leadership keeps everyone's eye on the problem itself with input directly from the people experiencing the problems-always asking "How does everybody win in this situation?". "Together we can" invites everyone into the process of both identifying problems and finding solutions because of our mutual love of these Islands as well as interest in our moving forward. Let's hope and pray that this new style of leadership is implemented into our Police Department's management as well–since the safety of our communities is of the utmost importance. Commissioner Lewis has attempted to do this in supporting "Community Policing". Of course–there will be individuals who will fight this new style of management even sabotage it as they personally have too much at stake in things staying the same; of being in power and control.
There are many new great Police officers looking for a new kind of "Team" leadership within their departments. I urge everyone who loves these Islands to consider that a new internal approach of management is needed within all government departments to really ensure competency and help our communities prosper.
Everyone counts. Everyone can help. Sometimes the most important thing that we need to change is our mind-set about how to do things. John and Gregory's reaching out to individual VI communities and inviting even encouraging leadership and input is a most welcome change! Instead of the people fighting for their voices being heard by the government– government is going directly to the various communities to listen to the people…what a great concept–and it looks like it will finally be put into action by this newly appointed Governor and LT Governor.
I believe there is much to be optimistic about in our VI's since this election.
Bonny Corbeil
St. John

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