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Dear Source:
Why, in the waning days of an administration that has casually ignored basic issues, should the outgoing legislature act on issues that clearly belong to the new government?
The proposed bond bailout looks like putting a band-aid on a severely broken leg. Let the new governor and his team work out a total package that will mend the break before the bandage goes on.
The marketing of rum is a wonderful plan for VI Rum Industries. We give back some of the taxes that we collect?
The new administration needs to take a closer look at this plan. In the beverage industry, rum continues to be the growth leader without our help.
Do you not wonder what will happen if we don't bail out Mr. Prosser? The company goes into bankruptcy, the court appoints a receiver to run the company, the company continues its service to the public, the company is reorganised to operate effectively and then it becomes available to a purchaser for pennies on the dollar.
The elected senators that still remain in this legislature must be very careful of their future and be vigilant of all proposals that will come in the closing days.
Now is the time to show support for the new governor and to casually ignore the old.
Steve Nisky
Virgin Islands

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