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New Governor Is Up to the Challenge


Dear Source:

Thank you Bonnie [Corbeil] for your ever-present and positive take on the issues.
Its time we start thinking positive about the election. We have a new governor and we all wish him the best come January. The new governor has many challenges to face and we do need to act as a "team" if we are to have real change.
It has been argued, and rightfully so, that we have moved forward in the past eight years. We all can remember when getting something as simple as a tax return check could take years. For many of us, we are still waiting. But that has changed, and I do believe that the quality of the services we are receiving now are somewhat better than they were even five years ago. That's positive, and it is good reason to believe that the new governor will be able to take that progress and lift to even greater heights. I do like the "team" approach to serving the people and we all should be part of that team.
In the first year of Mr. deJongh's term, he will be faced with a Constitutional Convention. If we have a new constitution, Mr. deJongh will have to deal with massive regulatory issues that may impede or may improve his already aggressive agenda for change. The good thing is, we have a governor who is up to the challenge of change and I wouldn't want any other person in charge at this time. If the constitution is approved by the people in 2008, Governor deJongh will be the right man for the job at the right time.
Let's all get behind the new governor as we move into some pretty important times for the Virgin Islands.
Paul Devine
St. John

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