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A Response to Vern Turnbull


Dear Source:
Vern Turnbull has once again taken up that tatty gauntlet and opines that everyone should ignore the "Ann" (sic) Clarkes of the world."
What's interesting is that Callwood starts off the opinion by saying that, "she lives in a place where calumny is the order of the day."
I couldn't agree more!
I live in the Virgin Islands and "calumny" is basically interpreted as "misrepresentation designed to harm another's reputation," i.e. false charges, so Turnbull obviously has the Virgin Islands down pat where calumny runs rampant.
And then Turnbull says that eight years ago there were "big flies swarming over uncollected garbage, unpaid vendors, payless pay days for government workers, a huge deficit, no school accreditations, tourism…on the downswing, new business ventures…minimal." Turnbull says that the positive changes observed in the last eight years after "many" visits portray "monumental" changes over the last eight years.
Vern Turnbull, I really don't dispute the allegations you've made about conditions here eight years ago (except for the swarming flies over garbage which just might have been after a holiday weekend when the dumpsters get full and the truckers get a bit behind!) but how can you sit back there in New Jersey as a once in a while visitor (NOT a fulltime resident) and claim that the rest of your listed problems have undergone radical change for the better in the last eight years?
Pray tell how things have changed so much and give details on each score. I'm sure that most of us residents would really enjoy being enlightened about such "monumental" changes!
Your enthusiasm for the accomplishments of a Governor who just happens to bear your last name is duly noted, as was your enthusiasm for the present Lieutentant-Governor's unsuccessful bid for Governor when you touted on this forum his major accomplishments regarding education and the facts simply didn't bear you out in any way, shape or form. You did drop the ball on the education issue and then fell silent until this latest when you again brought up accreditation and much more as accomplishments which were just not so.
Vern Turnbull, I wish you and yours a most joyous holiday season and I hope that in 2007 you not only continue to visit and enjoy the Virgin Islands but that you take a deep breath before either prosletizing or assuming. This comes from a permanent resident of over two decades for whom the US Virgin Islands are home. Cheers!
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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