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Proposed Government Purchase of Innovative Is a Mistake


Dear Source:
It was with some dismay that I read of the possible or proposed purchase of Innovative Telephone and Cable by the V.I. Govt. in order to help bail out Jeffrey Prosser from his current bankruptcy woes. Although it appears that Innovative is in need of a new owner who can properly finance them, it is illogical to assume that the V.I. Govt. should, in fact be that party. The V.I. Govt's woeful record in managing its current responsibilities is reason enough for it not to get entangled in yet another business that is vital to its citizens and to which it brings no expertise. A quick look at the failures of our Education system, WAPA, GERS, Public Housing, Waste Management and Public Works is enough to see that our Government already has its hands full without taking on any more responsibilities. In the case of Innovative, it would be far preferable for another utility to purchase and operate it so that our public officials can concentrate on properly performing the job for which they are already tasked.
Donald Stanford
St. Thomas / Pawtucket, R.I.

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