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Innovative May Be on Its Way Out


Dear Source:
BEFORE the government sticks its nose in an area where it does not belong (given the obvious conflicts of having the PSC "protect" the consumer as they have in the past), consider that Innovative in general may be on its way out: I have heard several people state the following: " I AM INNOVATIVE-FREE " I even heard a recording on an answering system that stated "this is an INNOVATIVE-FREE household." Between VOIP internet telephone systems, cellular phones, dependable high speed internet and satellite TV, a lot of people are making the switch away from poor service, POOR treatment at the corporate offices (ever try to straighten out a bill?), and the ridiculous amount of time wasted with a bureaucracy that seems to feel it can treat its customers any way it wants and provide terrible service. I can call the States right now and get phone and lights turned on in any number of jurisdictions without "appearing" before a Telephone or Utility employee. The service would be on quickly, rather than taking weeks. Line problems are fixed same day. The (hopefully "old") gov't. would fit perfectly into Innovative's operating scheme. Oh, and how would the Government treat its competitors? Go Ackley.
Kevin Weatherbee
St. Thomas

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