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Possible Defections of Three Democratic Senators


Dear Source:
What are the central issues as to why Democrats elected 8 members to serve in the 27th Legislature and 3 are, thus far, willing to defect? No matter what justifications they give to the public here are several facts.
1. They all choose to register as Democrats and submit petitions signed by 30 registered members of our party
2. They had the option to vie for a seat under the banner of the ICM, Republican or as an Independent.
3. Our national Party is now in power in the Nation's Capital and we stand much to lose if we turn over power to non-democrats
4. Although we elected 8 out of 15, which represents a majority, our Party is locked out of the most powerful positions in the proposed alignment
5. There is nothing the ICM and Independents can offer Malone, Williams and Webber that they cannot secure under a legislature organized under our majority of eight or possible 9.
It is time Senators Malone, Williams and Webber to do the right thing!!
Glen J. Smith
St. Thomas

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