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Why Would the Government Buy Innovative??


Dear Source:
Why on earth would any of our government entities desire to purchase Innovative Telephone and Cable? What they would be purchasing is an antiquated system that is nowhere close to an up to date communications system. Our phone service is deplorable.
One must wait 3-4 weeks minimum for a lineman to come to fix a problem that is caused by their lines. There is static on the lines when it rains, your dial up connection depends on the quality of the "poor" phone service. Our "new" digital cable boxes are ancient history. They cannot even be programmed to record. The systems and lines are old and have major problems.
Has anyone tried to report a phone or cable problem and been on hold for 37 minutes, only to be disconnected and have to start all over again? The only thing Innovative about this company is how Jeffery Prosser manages to get government entities and officials in his pocket.
I hope that one of the first things that our new Governor will do is to replace all the members of the PSC with people that actually have the best interest of all Virgin Islanders in mind. We are the ones that have to pay premium prices for less than adequate services.
We depend on these people to look after our best interest and, personally, I do not believe this to be the case.
If you were planning on buying a horse at a premium price, would you get a colt or an old, beaten up, horse that has one foot in the grave? Gov. Turnbull, PSC, GERS, shame on you!

Alana Mawson
St. Thomas

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