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The Mighty TNL, Jose Navarro, Wins Calypso Title Again


Dec. 11, 2006 — Three times proved the charm for Jose Navarro: The 17-year-old St. Croix Central High School student has captured the Junior Calypso crown again.
Children and adults filled the Island Center for the Performing Arts Sunday evening, screaming for their favorites. In between bouts of intermittent rain, 23 young calypsonians strutted their stuff, belting out social and political commentary to an eager audience.
The event was a production of calypso singer and songwriter Camille "King Derby" Macedon, who founded Calypso Inc. in 1980. Now in its 26th year, the show has become an eagerly awaited staple of the festival season.
Singing under the cariso name Mighty TNL, Navarro used his time on stage to thank all the people who helped him along the way, Macedon in particular. Decked in shiny silver from head to toe, Macedon was led onto the stage and seated for the production.
"You will never be repaid for all the things you do," Navarro sang to his mentor. He ended the song by awarding Macedon with a handmade certificate of appreciation. Visibly pleased, Macedon responded, "At least they ain't wait 'til I die to do this."
Praises for Macedon were given freely. Sen. Juan Figueroa-Serville was in the audience bobbing his head and tapping his feet to the music. Macedon has been a mentor to many children for generations, and was his mentor when the senator played baseball, Figueroa-Serville said.
"Many of the things I learned as a young baseball player, I learned from [Macedon]," he said.
Another prominent local official, Delegate Donna M. Christensen, also sat in the audience, and Macedon took a moment to recognize both politicians: "We will continue to work with the senate and community organizations who benefit from the grants we are able to bring to the U.S.V.I."
Political commentary was on the minds of some of the junior calypsonians as Kayla "Calypso Princess" Galloway sang: "We don't want talk, it's time for action." The intermediate division winner shared the stage with several moving props and characters, including a man dressed as President George W. Bush.
Accompanied by two teenagers who appeared pregnant, Junior I Division winner Queen Terror — AKA Demaris Belardo — sang to the audience about the problems of underage pregnancy. "First things first," she said, "Look how they dress, they body exposed. They hardly have on clothes."
Some of the contestants sang songs about their likes and dislikes. Island Ice (Khalil James) told the audience he couldnt help climbing trees although his mother warned against it.
"Don't beat me, blame it on the tree," he said. "When I saw the tree it was looking really good, so I went and climbed it just like I should."
Here is a complete list of the Junior Calypso contest winners:
Pee Wee Division, ages 3 to 7
Winner: Queen Quisha, Laquisha Hillaire
First Runner up: Queen Attie, Athalie Netanya Alvarez, 5
Second Runner up: Queen Blakey, Kinnika Blake, 6
Pee Wee I Division, ages 5 to 7
Winner: Island Storm, Zion James, 7
First Runner up: Calypso DeeDee, Dajah Bruno, 6
Pee Wee II Division, ages 8 to 10
Winner: Lady Florence, D'andra Benjamin, 10
First Runner up: Ninja Queen, Najah Gonsalves, 9
Second Runner up: Lady Nia, Nia Weeks, 10
Also competing
Lady Boo, Angelique Buddhoo, 10
Lady Nel, Ernellia Cyrille, 9
Lady Sash, Amisha Hillaire, 9
Intermediate Division, ages 11 to 12
Winner: Calypso Princess, Kayla Galloway, 12
First Runner up: Island Ice, Khalil James, 12
Second Runner up: Sweet Butterfly, Khadija Crosbie, 11
Also competing
Lady Lovely, Kafeelia Ceasar, 12
Junior I Division, ages 13 to 14
Winner: Queen Terror, Demaris Belardo, 13
First Runner up: Sweet LuLu, Risheema Burke, 14
Second Runner up: Caribbean Lady, Janisia Dupari, 13
Also competing
Lady Sashy, SaShauna Webber, 13
Lord Big Shirt, Steve Douglas, 13
Junior II Division, ages 15 to 17
Winner: Mighty TNL, Jose Navarro, 17
First Runner up: Lady Peaches, Chantal Barnes, 16
Second Runner up: Island Shadow, Trevon Nelson, 15
Editor's note: For complete Festival schedule click here.
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