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Where Is Mr. Ackley?


Dear Source:
What we have here is a failure to communicate! Sure you have heard that phrase before but it really applies in this case. After numerous calls to Ackley Communications and as of this writing not one returned call.
I am courteous, patient, and generally understanding that problems do happen and often takes time to resolve them, but really! Out of the last 4 times I have called I only get the answering machine. Leaving a brief concise message that I wished to have my calls return so I can discuss my communications problem I get nothing.
When I established my service with Ackley Communications the response was refreshing and clearly a cut above what I had previously seen with Innovative. But quickly this feeling of euphoria evaporated quickly when a service call was made and the response was Only Mr. Ackley can fix that! My prior experiences writing about problems and then posting them on the St. Thomas Source, gets action. When I was told that Mr. Ackley would be notified about my problem and then not hearing anything I wrote a brief article and sent it to the Source. In play on words I equated Mr. Ackley to the phrase, Where is Waldo?
I received a call quickly but unfortunately I was not here and when the caller was requested to leave a name the gentleman just said, Tell him that Waldo was returning the call! In a stream of comments about my article and how unjustified it was Mr. Waldo was notified that indeed a service technician has arrived and fixed the problem. He was further cut off when he was told that the service technician had also ran over my dog of 13 years. Accidents happen and its was evident that so shaken was the repair gentlemen it truly was an unfortunate accident.
Well back to the point and in an effort to get some communications going, Mr. Ackley would you please pickup your answering machine messages and please return my calls. The problem is the VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) is so bad that the parties that I call cannot understand a word I am saying. I am sure that I am not the only person on this island that has this problem and if I were to solely have to count on the VOIP as my primary source of communications I would be in a world of hurt. The delivery of this email was sent on my backup Innovative phone line.
Larry Boecker
St. Thomas

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