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Schuster is on Target About the PSC


Dear Source:

Amen, my brother, Amen! Mr. Robert Schuster's article on how we are being kicked in the pants as far as telecommunications services are concerned is right on the money.
As a local IT professional, I could spend pages telling of the problems encountered when trying to provide quality communication services to clients. Want to connect two offices together between St. Thomas and St. Croix? Well, try to get a T-1 from Innovative at a reasonable price. Meson, the list can go on and on.
The real issue here is that the PSC, like many of our boards and commissions, consists of members that do not understand the technically complex underpinnings on which they make impacting decisions.
My brother, who lives in Atlanta, GA, gets cable, phone and Internet on one circuit. Locally, that's three companies under the ICC umbrella. Fine, nothing's wrong with that, but they can't seem to get their act together. All of these services are marginally acceptable as far as national standards go.
The PSC should be looking out for the best interest of the public, not any corporate organization.
Hey, I wonder what would happen if and when the government purchases the shebang. Need anyone say LAWD!!!!

Terence A. Thomas
St. Thomas

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