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Activists, Yes; Leaders, No


Dear Source:
First, the times of slavery were deplorable, I must agree. Second, I have difficulty seeing these so called 'community leaders' as such. Activists, yes; Leaders, no. And, it is even harder showing them any respect. They are spewing hatred and misinformation around. They can only gather 35-40 people among the greater community. That is what they did last Friday at the UVI campus. The UVI did not sanction the topic, so the gathering had to be moved to a different room for which payment was needed. Among other things, one of them (his name shall be undisclosed at this time) said that the Danes couldn't speak a language going back in time. They just grunted to make sounds. The truth is that the Danes spoke Danish, English, German, French and Latin depending on the situation and location.
I cannot believe that I myself am stooping to even react to these gatherings, or rather the reaction and behavior displayed at those meetings. But, I am if not furious, at least disappointed that the people holding these meetings are so misinformed and only working according to their own personal agenda.
In my view, there is only a very short distance between activists and terrorists.
Elisabeth Kolind
St. Croix

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