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Taking Care of Business


Dear Source:
I expect and demand more from our elected leaders now that they decided among themselves (Legislative and Executive branches) that they should bestow themselves with a major raise at the cost of taxpayers after the elections. I expect that our children will not have to copy from the black boards instead of having their own books. I expect our teachers will stop dipping into their savings for supplies. I expect that all of our fire stations and police stations will remain open 24/7. I expect that we will be able to call 911 and receive an answer and an officer will arrive promptly. I expect that our vendors will be paid quickly and efficiently. I expect that our HIV and AIDS patients will receive their medication and that the Government will never repeat the actions of putting their lives in jeopardy. I expect that all laws that deal with future planning of the VI such as the water and land use plan and others will be debated and passed by the senate and implemented by the administration. I would expect that our Governor elect John deJongh would consider a bill hopefully offered by our 27 Legislature to place a moratorium or repeal of pay raises, while a study group considers if this raise is justifiable. There is so much more that I would expect but I wonder in the meantime what would have occurred if we had a Chief Financial Officer in place?

Jason Budsan
St. Thomas

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