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Idle Wishes for 2007


Jan. 1, 2007 — Poor old Idle. He was going to retire, but when he heard about the new cast of characters coming up in the new administration and the new Legislature, he bounded out of his sea grape tree and said, "Lemme at 'em," or words to that effect. We couldn't hold him back.
Swinging his tail around like a hula hoop, he was beside himself deciding where to go first — a Senate without Lorraine Berry, Roosevelt David and Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg? "Hot damn!" he opined. "It'll be quiet." Not so fast, we reminded him, Celestino White is still there, to say nothing of Usie Richards and Terrence "Positive" Nelson, who is back for his second go-round.
Berry alone has 24 years in the chambers. Between the three of them they have racked up almost 50 years in that green building. "Time for a change of scenery," says Idle.
The eight years of Gov. Charles W. Turnbull's reign in Government House have come to an end. "Ditto," says Idle.
Inevitably, some of these wishes will sound redundant. However, some of Idle's wishes from last year actually came to be.
— Ground was broken for the new Humane Society of St. Thomas Animal Care Campus.
— After more than 12 years, ground was broken for the new Tutu library.
— A lovely garden, long in the works, was dedicated to the memory of former first lady Agnes Agatha Schuster King, wife of the late Gov. Cyril Emanuel King, across from Government House. (Idle says he may move up there soon. Lots of flowers.)
— Ground was broken for the Crown Bay Commercial Center in 2003 …. They got as far this year as having a Christmas-tree ceremony, as opposed to a grand opening — or any opening. Perhaps we could install the Bovoni tire shredder — due to be operational in 2001 — at the center, since there's a space issue at Bovoni. It could be painted in complementary Caribbean colors, and folks could dispose of their tires in elegant surroundings.
And now (drum roll, please) for the main attraction.
Idle wishes for 2007:
Gov. Charles W. Turnbull — a thoughtful retirement pondering his tenure as our Education Governor. And big enough trunks to carry all the antique loot accumulated at Catherineberg over the last eight years.
Lt. Gov. Vargrave Richards — a lifelong pass on American Airlines.
Sen. Lorraine Berry — a studio to give dance lessons in the Majority Two-Step.
Sen. Roosevelt David — a new pulpit where he can reach his fantastic friends, and a marker in the Legislature garden for the Garvey Bonds lawmaker.
Sen. Adlah Foncie Donastorg — CEO of the territory's new phone company, The Tin Ear.
Sen. Celestino White — last year Idle wished the good senator a continuing blissful marriage to his political partner, Senate President Lorraine Berry. Oh well. No new wishes for 2006.
The Four Freshman senators — keep your minds and hearts open as you proceed to fulfill all those campaign promises.
Sen. Juan Figeuroa Serville — a coloring book.
Delegate Donna M. Christensen — a prosperous relationship with the new Congress.
Warren Mosler — a book on political etiquette with the "poor loser" section highlighted. Ditto for Kenneth Mapp.
Edgar Ross — guidance for Mosler in the graceful-loser category.
The Carnival Committee — the character to reveal its finances and, therefore, remove the taint of deception that colors the Virgin Island's proudest cultural event. Same as last year.
Kenneth Mapp — a guide to get over those rocky roads.
Almando "Rocky" Liburd — a guide to map out a new career.
V.I. Port Authority Director Darlan Brin — a little humility and a lot of luck with Crown Bay and the years' old waterfront-apron enhancement project. And maybe an anger-management course.
Yacht Haven Grande — The territory's aesthetic environment award for creating something the community can be proud of. And doing it in its stated time-frame.
Public Services Commission — lessons in being public servants.
Alecia Wells — a memory course.
And for Gov. John deJongh and Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis — the fortitude and tools to do the job we believe you can.
And from the Source — for 2007 we wish that:
— We never have to write another headline about a young person, or anyone, having been murdered. (This is the same as the last two years. However, 2006 saw 42 homicides, including the killing of three guests to our islands — the brutal shooting murder of two young men, tourists here to celebrate a wedding and the killing of a comedian and father, who left behind a 13-year-old orphan.)
–Those responsible for all of these unbelievably horrific crimes brought to justice, with no more ado.
— A new relationship will be formed between the Attorney General's Office and the V.I. Police Department, which could lead to the above wish being fulfilled.
— The senators of the 27th Legislature will learn to work together, ignore personalities and accomplish something for the people of the territory. For instance, repealing the outrageous raises they passed this week.
— School classes will meet every day, with no days lost. That the children and the teachers have the books and tools they need, and that all schools get accredited.
— St.Croix will become the primary eco-tourism and cultural-tourism spot it is capable of being.
— St. John will find some way to reconcile its growth, its natural beauty and the economic challenges facing those who want to call it home but don't happen to be millionaires.
— The lorikeets of Coral World greet throngs of visitors and islanders alike. (Idle says, "What's the big deal? They're not any cuter than I am!")
— The rancor and divisiveness created by the Mapp-Liburd team in the final days of the election campaign dissolve in the spirit of hopefulness surrounding the new administration.
— Each of us wake up each morning thankful for the beauty surrounding us, and that we show our appreciation by respecting it, caring for it and taking pride in it, knowing we are beyond fortunate to live in paradise.
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