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Pay Raises Should Be Put on Ballot


Dear Source:
Oh, flash back — didn't Turnbull pull this several years ago — and the people got him to withdraw. Oh maybe elections were coming up not over — Sorry don't remember? Let me see == Wow, there was an approaved increase in salaries from $15k to $20k for governmental employees. But, I read somewhere there was only enough money in the General Fund to pay that raise for maybe 9 months in FY2007 Oh, and minimum wage went up how much? Sorry again, that's at the expense of the small business owners. Now, we have new Senators who will get $80K, who have to go through training on parlimentary procedures and "how to act correctly in session"?. Well for my money, I think the senators should take it to the rules committee and make it law that the subject of pay should be put on a ballot for the people to approve at the same time the people vote for "those senators" — of course this particular kind of raise would never get approved — but how about 4% per year for cost of living ? Sounds fair. Or, does every senator have to make the same amount? I sure think senators with many years of experience are worth more than a Jr Senator who has to go to tranings. — But if they all have to get the same pay, maybe punishment/reward is the answer. For every missed session, we take away part of their pay — or for every session that they do attend and a vote is made either aye/nay — no abstentions or walking out of the room at the critical hour– they get the pro-rata of that new raise Best of all maybe the senators should donate their pay raise into the GERS unfunded liability — so the people are only paying one time for the raise and not responsible for more government "fiscal lack of responsibility" with more debt. It should be a criminal act to pass legislation of this type without ballot, to the good of 17 people.

Phyllis Bryan
Cincinnati, Ohio

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