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Recall of Four St. Croix Senators Has Begun


Dear Source:
In the interest of fair play, the Mitchell Larsen Studio has decided to give you a little preview into the beginning of a radio campaign that we are paying for out of our own pockets. This will give our 'targets' a chance to prepare a defense. However, if there ever was a case of getting caught with your fingers in the till, this is it. And mind you: the pay raise is 'small change' compared to what they are doing to the Government Pension Fund.
We have stated publicly that we will name the names of 'The Greedy Bunch' four times a day on the radio until we see some kind of justice. We are at loss for words to describe the character of the individuals we have listed below. Where is the Honor? Where is the devotion to the place we call home? Where is decency?
Ultimately, I believe everything starts and stops in Government House. With the string of corrupt Governors we have had over the past 20 odd years, this mentality quickly spreads downwards to the point where a majority of government agencies are affected. We hope to God that deJongh does not get swallowed up in this cesspool of greed.
So far we are cautiously optimistic.
Radio ad No. 20
The Mitchell Larsen Studio wants to warn the public:
The Greedy Bunch is on a rampage and they are coming for your wallet. They are:
Roosevelt David
Pedro Encarnacion
Neville James
Juan Figueroa- Serville
Louis Hill
Norman Baptiste
Ronald Russell
And their side kick Lorraine the Berry.
They were last seen on the Senate floor. They are armed with phony legislature; they are ruthless; and they want your money.
They are all wearing new suits and they have an arrogant look about them. Be very careful! They often hide behind closed doors.
Any information leading to their recall can be handed over to MLS on Company St., where you can also sign a warrant for their departure.

Radio ad No. 21
Our Senators swear an oath to serve in the best interest of the People of the Virgin Islands. Instead we see Senators use this power to give themselves a 25 percent pay raise. Very nice! But it gets worse. Much worse!
The Senators have changed the rules that safeguard the Government Pension fund so they can milk millions of Dollars from this fund into their own pockets. And who is the mastermind behind this dirty scam?
Charles Wesley Turnbull, who benefits more than a million dollars in this best Hollywood-style rip-off.
Members of the Greedy Bunch are: Roosevelt David, Pedro Encarnacion, Neville James, Juan Figueroa- Serville, Louis Hill, Norman Baptiste, Ronald Russell, Lorraine Berry. And honorable member Charles Wesley Turnbull.
This message is paid for by Mitchell Larsen Studios.

Steffen Larsen
St. Croix

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