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Has Turnbull Lost His Mind?


Dear Source:
What kind of message has this sent out to the community with all these pardons at a time when crime keeps escalating throughout these islands? Why do we have a police force and judicial system for if all it takes is one man to overstep the entire justice system and throw all the work that has been done by an entire system out the window?
Criminals get pardon on time but victims live with the crimes for the rest of their lives. There is no pardoning of time for victims. This move by Turnbull is outrageous and insulting to the victims, the community, and the entire justice system.
Of course he waits until his last days when he is in no position to run for Governor again to pull a stunt like this. Turnbull had better pray that not one of these criminals he is releasing comes out and commits another crime.
He has shamed us all at the highest level.
Carol Berry
St. Thomas

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