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Turnbull's Legacy


Dear Source:
Governor Turnbull let the following out on the streets of the Virgin Islands!
Convicted Murderers (The Victims Are Still Serving Their Time)
Rapists (The Victims Are Still Serving Their Time)
Domestic Violence (Now His Victim Gets To Live In Hell Waiting For This To Happen Again)
Burglers (New Victims Waiting To Happen)
Drug Dealers (New Victims Waiting To Happen)
Embezzlers (Now that their Crime Has Been Expunged They Can Get New Jobs Without The New Employers Knowing, New Victims Waiting To Happen)
Forgers (New Victims Waiting To Happen)
Why are we so surprised at Mr. Turnbull's Pardons Reduced Sentences? This governor has never had the people of the island in his hart. He has thumbed his nose at all virgin islanders. He has shown this time and time again.
Our schools lost their accreditation on his watch. When they finally did get accredited we had front-page news. This isn't something that we should be proud of should have never had happened in the firs place. Our children should be safe at school are they? He commuted sentences for a Murder, Rapist, and an Armed Robber all who did their crimes on school grounds. What does this tell the children of our islands?
When our fire station was closed on the Northside and Westend of the island he vetoed legislation that would open them and protect the people. The Fire stations are still not open on a full time basis. Again I'm telling you this is a tragedy waiting to happen. Our roads are in deplorable condition. The people of St John can't even afford to live on their island this is happening here is St Thomas too. Try to be a single mom and find something affordable to rent. This is the second time he has tried to get his raise in. No one would begrudge the Governor LT Governor and Senators a raise but what they got is out of this world. I need a raise like that.
Governor Turnbull this is your legacy. Unfortunately we all have to live with it!
Ann Durante
St. Thomas

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