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Governor, Revoke the Pay Raise


Dear Source:
I just read "Open Letter to My Governor" and am moved to add my voice to urge Governor de Jongh to really, really consider the message.
When I read of the tremendous jump in salaries, my first thought was that de Jongh would REVOKE it as one of the first actions to keep the word he gave us during campaigning. The governors' power to REVOKE is being demonstrated in several states up north right now, as several courageous winners, swept in on the ground roots aversion to their predecessors' lack of morality and their open carpet bagging, are trying to turn their inherited situation of "politics as usual' around. When I suggested the possibility de Jongh might do the same down here, I was laughed at for being naive. Well, laugh at me. But you'll never make me stop believing in THE POWER OF ONE person to start a huge movement. Governor de Jongh, here is your golden opportunity to send a message loud and clear, about who YOU are and what YOU stand for, and how you intend to run YOUR administration. And I'll guarantee you that if you model the best, if you model the 'change' by starting with yourself, an awful lot of us will roll up our sleeves and jump in right beside you to help!
And then, when you are elected to your second term, we can open the issue of pay raises, but for a job well done, and accountability proven.
Judith Kane
St. John

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