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FYI: Sen. James Calls for Attention to Christiansted Improvements


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Jan. 11, 2007 — Now that the Frederiksted Waterfront revitalization is nearing completion, V.I. agencies and departments must refocus on improving Christiansted, in particular the roads taking residents and visitors to the shopping districts in town, said Senator Neville James Wednesday.
Senator James cited the Christiansted boardwalk extension, the Gallows Bay Port Terminal development and bringing the Christiansted bypass to "some kind of closure" as particular areas of attention. James added a public statement by the Public Finance Authority (PFA) should be issued to apprise the public on the progress of the government owned King's Alley Hotel.
Senator James also noted that the road from the Basin Triangle stoplight to the Christiansted public parking lot, which has become a major thoroughfare into town, is in deplorable condition and needs to be expanded. This expansion and improvement will assist in maximizing public parking revenues.
Senator James said "All of these projects coupled with a visible police presence will make for a safer and more attractive downtown area."
For years Frederiksted was allowed to deteriorate until the government made a commitment to revitalize the area and although there is still more work to be done, including the demolition and reconstruction of the Paul E. Joseph Stadium, now it is time to complete ongoing projects in Christiansted, Senator James concluded.


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