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Paying Twice for the Same Inspection


Dear Source:
I wonder if other registered and insured drivers experienced the same predicament as I have with my insurance company. A few days ago I had to get my vehicle inspected for passage on the highways and at the same time renew my insurance policy all in the same month. This means that my car has to pass inspection by the vehicles bureau for road-worthiness and not to have any outstanding obligations by the Police department before receiving my sticker. To my surprise my insurance company wanted me to pay or prove once again that my car was worthy and that I did not have any liens on my car by the Police department. I explained that if this was not true by the DMV, then why did my car pass inspection in the first place? I had to find a car mechanic to sign off that my car was worthy and to pay a fee to my insurance company to repeat what was already proven by the DMV to receive the renewal of my policy.
I would like to better understand why the insurance companies do not trust the Government of the Virgin Islands and the Department of Motor Vehicles? Why do we have to go through the process twice to receive our driver's insurance policy renewal?
Jason Budsan
St. Thomas

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