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Filling Hubert Brumant's Footprints


Dear Source:
Hubert Brumant's transfer from The Humane Society of St Thomas to the Magens Bay Authority is both a tremendous loss for the Humane Society and a tremendous gain for the Magens Bay Authority. The Humane Society has lost a Shelter Manager whose shoes, as new Executive Director Leslie Fisher is quoted as saying, "will be hard to fill." Very hard indeed.
The job of Shelter Manager at the Humane Society was always a rather thankless task and the position was sometimes held by people with their own agendas which weren't quite a fit where either the animals or the community were concerned. It was a real mess at times. When Hubert Brumant came on board the tone changed for the better and continued on from there.
The Humane Society is now on the developmental brink of its new facility and with the added task now of finding a new Shelter Manager. I hope that the Board of Directors of the Humane Society will not only actively seek but finally choose someone of Hubert's caliber. That caliber, in my opinon, is the ability to relate to animals as thinkers. The ability to afford to every animal in your care a clean cage, good food, basic respect, human contact and hugs, toys and walks, grooming and massages. And the ability, unfortunately, to painlessly euthanize when necessary. Last but certainly not least, the ability to impart all of the above to the employees who you direct and ensure that they not only are able to comply but will.
Bon Voyage, Hubert! You were and are simply terrific and I wish you all the very best!
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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