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Why Are Senators Against Free Speech?


Dear Source:
I am a 20 plus year resident and regular listener of Roger Morgan's program "Free Speech" every morning. Why? Because it the best talk show forum in the VI that offers an opportunity for all people of these Islands to express legitimate concerns pertaining to problems that impact these communities. It is also a wonderful format for people of different cultures to learn more about each other's thoughts and concerns about a range of topics. Roger is an extremely personable and positive man; a unifier of all people; always offering "hope" on how to effectively and democratically affect change through government participation in the process. He empowers people to be the best that they can and to contribute positively to making the VI's a better place for everyone! We are very lucky that this man has settled in our Islands as he promotes harmony and stimulates positive change for the better.
As a relatively newly Americanized citizen, I have had the opportunity to get quite a lesson in the constitution of the United States and free speech. I have also been stunned by the immature behavior and poor judgment of a number of Senators who have felt threatened by the people expressing their opinions- people outraged at the undeserved salary increases when our Islands have received so little attention! Roger Morgan did not start petitions for the recall of these senators who voted for these raises. The people did–as is their right.
These senators have retaliated by attempting to shut down this great radio station. You Senators-seem to have "cooked your own goose" as a caller recently stated on the show. From what I understand, you are suppose to uphold the Constitution of the Unites States-not try to stop people from voicing their opinions. Shame on you. It will be very interesting so see where all this leads to. You just may have created a situation that you had not bargained for.
I watched Senator Russell on a local TV show last night hoping that he would be questioned about this issue. He was. He said that The Daily News "got it all wrong". I don't see it that way. I think he and the other Senators involved may have it all wrong; that their perspective is way "off" and this is the most troubling thing about this entire issue. There is far too much over-reaction; subjectivity and lack of professionalism involved in their attempts to stop "free speech." This leaves me as a voter-with having lost all of my trust in these Senator's basic judgment as well as questioning their overall character. This is not the kind of behavior that I expect out of my Senators. I am greatly disappointed as a first time voter in the Virgin Islands.
These Senators may have not liked a comment or two made by callers to the show but to make Roger Morgan responsible for those callers is unfair–after all, this is an open talk show. Roger is always diplomatic; encouraging people to express how they feel yet he is always clear about being respectful. He will often verbalize concerns if a caller is not being respectful; attempt to direct the conversation in such a way as to promote a better understanding for listeners or simply say "Thank You for your call" if the caller is not being appropriate. I hope that all of our Senators are paying attention to this station because you will hear the voice of the people of the Virgin Islands speaking clearly.
I, Thank You Roger W. Morgan for providing a vehicle and empowering people to express their points of view and uniting these Virgins Islands through "Free Speech!"
Bonny Corbeil
Coral Bay, St. John

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