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Disagreement on What Is Best for Children


Dear Source:
Clearly Ms. Lisa Marie Galibert-Forgeron is confused and misdirected on her views on a number of issues, but obviously is very much in need of some education in respect to Child Support, Child Support Collection, and Family Law. First, Non payment of child support is not the "number one form of child abuse." Let me help to set your readers straight with some facts:
First, in the U.S. over 90% of the custodial parents are the mothers; a criminal statistic in and of itself. The first thing the Family Law Industry does is to strip a father of custody of his own children, which constitutes the cash cow of the judiciary and all of its hangers-on.
Over 85% of all court ordered child support in the U.S. is indeed being paid (Father and Child Reunion-Farrell- Putnam)
In California alone there are over 8,000 men who are being forced, with the threat of jail, to pay child support for children DNA evidence has proven they did not father; why? Because had AB 2240 been signed into law California risked losing the 40 million dollars, yes $40,000,000,000 it receives each year from the Federal Government for? Yes, it's child support collection efforts. (See "California AB 2240 Vetoed")
Over 50% of ALL civil litigation in the U.S. involves divorce and custody.
Clearly Ms. Galibert-Forgeron has some ulterior motivation for "volunteering" with the family court or is ignorant because I can tell you from first hand experience, these Federal Funds do not assist the children of divorce or impoverished children. These funds support payroll, medical benefits, and vacations for counselors, mediators, prosecutors, therapists, support collection officers, and many other hangers on in the political and private sector. Who knows, they could even be paying for a volunteers' lunch at the courthouse? Does Ms. Galibert-Forgeron truly believe that, as she alludes, the small amount of support being collected could pay for any of the action she believes need to be taken, no matter how meek?
Best Interest of the Child? Not bloody likely.
Paul Burt
Inglewood, Calif.

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