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Stop Recycling in the Government


Dear Source:
We were very disappointed to learn Pedro Encarnacion has been 'recycled' as an acting STX Administrator. If he ran and was elected in the 27th legislature for a second term, he would be on the recall petition we are circulating in STX.
PLEASE let's stop re-hiring of do-nothings in the government. Encarnacion turned in a lack luster performance as a senator and my guess is he is still doing little more than collecting a government paycheck. He failed to show up on a regular basis for committee meetings and legislative sessions. His voting record is not representative of the voting public.
We need new faces and certainly an administrator for STX that didn't vote for an 11th hour bill to harm our residents and award fat raises for part time working (?) senators. Five of which, Serville, Russell, Hill, James and Baptiste, should be censored for their latest act of filing false accusations to the FCC on 27th Legislature letterhead 'representing' the 'people of the USVI'.
The very laws they were sworn to uphold and protect as a Democratic constitutional right as a citizen of the United States is being violated because we the people, who elected them, are now recalling them. Bully tactics at best.
Jill Lange
St. Croix

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