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Dear Source:
I can't say I'm surprised at the response of a group of VI Senators thinking that by (Roger Morgan) questioning their actions equates to "an attempt to destabilize" the VI government. These bunch of elected idiots are taking their lead from the bunch of idiots we've elected at the federal level. We have reached a dangerous period in this country when our "citizen legislators" feel the public has no right to question their actions. As far as Roger Morgan; the media has a duty to question the decisions made by a democratically elected government that is supposed to reflect and enact the wishes of the citizens. When they do not, it is the free media that must take the lead. They did not do that in the beginning of the Iraq war and the lack of doing so has lead us to disaster. Over the last 6 years the Bush administration has lead the American public to believe that questioning your elected officials is unpatriotic and on the verge of treasonous. We do not elect dictators in this country. All these egomaniacs need to remember – they work for US! RECALL ALL of them! It may be best to just start over. (FYI- The legislators of the VI are paid more than those of any state that I have ever lived in).

Victor Good
St. Croix / Newport, R.I.

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