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'Be the Change That You Want to See!'


Dear Source:
It is with great anticipation we await the new administration's selection of the best qualified persons to improve the quality, productivity and delivery of services of their individual agency. We are aware that the governor has his political favors to extend, however, can those favors NOT be at the expense of the people?
All Government Agencies must have established Standard Operational Procedures, (SOP). With the new administration we expect the commissioners and managers will pull out the dusty unused operational manuals, along with their staff, review and update the goals and mission of their agency and along with their staff develop an action plan to improve the quality, productivity and delivery of services.
Although we did not hear definitive plans, the new administration needs to actively and aggressively implement A Comprehensive Land & Water Use Plan that allows for people, environment and development to comfortably coexist. Aggressively develop and implement a comprehensive recycling program in partnership with government, private sector and communities. Implement a Territorial Park System that includes all green space, beaches, parks and recreational facilities. The new administration needs to actively and aggressively support the act of self determination through Political Status and the development of a Constitution of, for and by the people of the Virgin Islands.
Since the 27th legislature Rules Committee Chairperson has committed to giving the governor the green light on his nominations we expect that the best qualified will be recommended for their advice and consent.
With a business driven economy it would be wise for the new director of VIBIR to ensure that the STEP, Stop Tax Evasion Program is adequately staffed and that tax letters are issued in a timely manner. Presently, there is only one person, the supervisor in the STT office who is responsible for all the day-to-day walk-in and telephone inquiries along with the on line tax letter requests. This employee is responsible for preparation and distribution of all STT/STJ tax letters. It is obvious that this system is set up to fail and provided the former commissioner of DLCA an excuse to authorize the issuance of a business license after ten days from date of tax letter request. This can and is dangerous. The STEProgram was set up to prevent delinquent tax- payers from hiding in a corporation, LLC or some other entity. Solve this issue by additional qualified cross-trained adequately compensated staff.
Establishing “A Living Wage”, will allow heads of households to have the opportunity to decide whether they want a second job. As is, it is almost mandatory for most government and private sector employees to have a second job. A living wage will reduce the number of children and families living in and below poverty.
Instead of attracting another casino to rob the locals of their homes and families why not invite developers to invest in the development of hospice care for the elderly and terminally ill. There are millions of dollars in the dying business especially if you can provide a beautiful peaceful piece of paradise for their last days. Careers, business opportunities and jobs are generated from this type of economic development.
I encourage all organizations, special interest groups, etc. to write letters to the editor, share your suggestions on the talk shows and submit them to the new administration. By sharing your ideas and suggestions with the public, others can support your ideas and possibly add something too.
There are so, so many expectations of the new administration to “fix” St. Croix, to “fix” education, crime, health, housing, the economy, to “fix” over development; to “save us”, to be our “Messiah”. Are we expecting too much of this businessman, family man and first lady? Can this administration deliver what it promised?
The changes that you want and expect from the new administration and the 27th legislature must begin with each of us, the people! We cannot afford to sit back and wait and see. We cannot afford to give up our responsibilities to this administration or anyone else.
With more people demanding more from those we elect to represent us, greater the possibility of getting our needs met. Be the change that you want to see!
Stephanie Scott-Williams
St. Thomas

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