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Republicans Elect St. Croix Branch Officers


Jan. 29, 2007 – The St. Croix Branch of the Republican Party and the Republican Women of the Virgin Islands held a well attended, very important joint meeting on Jan. 24, at which they elected officers of both organizations; however, final election of officers of the Republican Women was tabled until their next regular meeting.
Election results for the St. Croix Branch included Edward Browne, re-elected as president; Roger Morgan, as vice president; Tracy Pardo de Zela as secretary and Ava-Gail Bourdon as treasurer.
There was also a discussion of critical issues, including the Republican Party's territorial platform, candidates for the V.I. Constitutional Convention and delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention.
The St. Croix Branch and the Republican Women invite local Republicans and interested persons to visit their Web sites (www.vigop.com; www.virepublicanwomen.com) for regular updates on scheduled meetings and other activities.


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