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In Agreement with Senator Dowe


Dear Source:
I read the profile on Senator Carlton Dowe. I'm curious about his statement in regards to the Organic Act and rebate for products produced and exported to the mainland. Is there a committee spearheading or investigating why the VI is not receiving the gas rebate? Is anyone in government (Finance Office) working for these past and present funds? I'm sure that VI residents would welcome smooth paved roads, a stable and upgraded sewer system, modernized hospitals, and schools. I like to stay abreast about home by reading online local sites. I agree with Senator Dowe, "really investing in our infrastructure." I would love to read more stories about the improvement of the quality of life for Virgin Islands residents and the environment. I wish the senator a successful term and I hope his projects come to fruition.
I could sure use some Caribbean sun, sand, beach and a hot bowl of Kallaloo. My name is Kimberly from St. Croix, currently residing in the Washington DC Metro Region.
Kimberly Samuel
Washington, D.C.

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